Organizing PDF files

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With the PDF Creator you can organize PDFs

With the recent version of the PDF24 PDF Creator (see right) you can also organize PDFs. This is done with a person’s intuition and is accomplished in a few steps. Simply download the PDF24 Creator (see the link on the right) and install the Software. After the Installation simply run the program. In the left window you can choose PDF documents and other documents. Simply drag your documents into the right window. After this you can remove pages, add pages from another document, switch pages, combine documents, adjust the author and title of a document, and more. After you’ve made all of your adjustments, you can save the document as a PDF.

How can I compile more documents into a PDF?

Open up the PDF24 creator and drag the documents that you would like to compile into the right window. Determine the order of the documents by clicking on the corresponding icons in the menu bar. The document, which is placed at the top of the list, will be integrated as the first in the new PDF document. All others will follow in sequence. If already in your desired order, then you must simply click the corresponding bonded/assembled icons in the menu bar. All of the documents will become one. At the end you will only need to save the new document.

คุณจะแยกหน้าบางหน้าออกจากไฟล์ PDF ได้อย่างไร?

Open the PDF24 Creator and display the document in the right window. It would load and appear there. The document preview is displayed on each side, which will allow you to recognize individual pages. In the view menu you can adjust the size of the preview. If the preview is too small and you can’t identify a few pages, simply enhance the size of the preview.

Create a blank document. Do this via the corresponding icon in the menu bar in the right window. Then select all the pages in the document that you would like to extract and drag them into the blank document. Press and hold the CTRL key and by left clicking on the page you can select multiple pages. You also have the option to drag each page into the blank document.

Once you have placed all pages into the blank document, you can then save the new document as a PDF.

How can I set properties such as the title and author of a PDF and how can I edit security settings?

Open the PDF24 Creator and drag a PDF into the right-hand window. Right-click on the name of the document, and an options menu will open. In the options menu click on Properties. In this section you can set the title, author, and security settings. Select from the corresponding tab and make your adjustments. Then click on ‘OK’. The settings are now saved. At the end you will need to save your document.

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